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The Benefits of Member

The Benefit when you join as one of our IFFF members:
You will be immediately able to access and in contact with
IFFF members/agents operating all around the world which
will be interested in dealing with our esteemed company. You
will get sales lead enquires including handling of free hand
cargoes by IFFF existing members/agents.
    You will gain recognition under same identity and same motto as IFFF members covering almost all around the world.
With the IFFF concept, you will minimize Bad Debts liability
and your travailing expenses supervised by the IFFF
appointed Executive Members.
    You will be invited to attend our IFFF Annual Group Meeting gathering together to enhance mutual members/agents relationship and business of your own territory with
reasonable low yearly member fee.

IFFF Policy

1. Administrative Membership dues have to be paid yearly to “IFFF Network”.   5. To support and work with fellow IFFF Group members worldwide should be a priority to the best of your company ability.
2. Companies will be terminated from IFFF Group Membership for providing any false information on new member application.   6. To settle debt obligations due members in a timely manner.
3. As a member of IFFF Group, we expect all companies to abide by the following business ethics and practices in all dealing with other IFFF Group Members.   7. To promptly respond to all communication within (24 hours).
4. Annual Conference held in the magnificent resort or designated location will be organized by "IFFF" thereby ensuring all member 100% focus on networking with all fellow members. IFFF Conference attendance is strongly mandated for all members. All new members in 1st calendar year must attend the IFFF Conference. After that all members in good standing are required not to miss more than (2) consecutive IFFF Conference. We require our members to be proactive as our yearly IFFF convention is a vital key to our success. Termination of membership will be automatic and not subject to exception or review.   8. To quote accurate net buying rates in full detail in a timely manner.