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2016 Conference In Nanning, China
20 Mar 2016 to 23 Mar 2016
Nanning, the capital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, is located in Southern Guangxi in the sub-tropical region between 107°19′ - 109°38′ East Longitude and 22°12′ - 24°2′ North Latitude With an area of 22,293 square kilometers, it is situated in the middle of Nanning Basin through which Yongjiang River runs. Nanning enjoys a favorable geographical location in Southwestern China, connecting the Indo-China Peninsula to the west and Guangdong Province, Hong Kong, Macao and Hainan Province to the east, making it not only an important economic center along the Beibu Gulf but also a rapid growing gateway city to Southeast Asia in the southern and southwestern parts of China.  As an important gateway to Southeast Asia for Southwestern China, Nanning is a hub, a regional center and an opening city that plays an active role in the communication between China and ASEAN countries. It is becoming a new and booming economic zone and a hotspot for foreign investment in China. 
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